The terror attack planned and executed by the Jaish-e Mohammed which resulted in over 40 killed has shaken the Modi government. Non-stop coverage by the media has added fuel to the fire and the anger of the people all over India has erupted against Pakistan, which is perceived as the mother country as far as terrorist activity against India is concerned. Modi who has promised to avenge the attack has fanned the flames by repeatedly denouncing Pakistan and promising action to avenge the act. Many options have been considered and the USA has been giving necessary inputs to the Indian side as to the location of the terror and training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

No action by India

Three days have passed since the attack and the entire Indian opposition has sided with the Modi government. But Modi has dithered and though time has passed no Military action against Pakistan has been taken. This after the USA said it understood the Indian need for a military response against Pakistan. Thus India is looking more like a lumbering elephant who is unable to strike back. The Times of India has reported that Modi has given a "free hand" to the army to decide how to retaliate. This by itself is a vague order and it's not clear what it means - a limited strike or a bigger operation.

Pakistan reacts

By not taking action the element of surprise so necessary in a military operation has been lost as the Pakistan army has depopulated the training camps and launch pads of terrorists and infiltrators in Punjab and POK.

Although Modi has been threatening action it appears he has probably has not yet given the green signal to the army for a reprisal military raid or action.

Vajpayee and history

History seems to be repeating itself as during the term of Atal Bihari Vajpayee a similar situation was created when the terrorists attacked the Indian parliament.

India under Vajpayee had threatened war and troops had been moved to the front but after a few weeks of an eyeball to eyeball confrontation, the promised military action did not take place and the tension was defused.

The Indian government headed by Modi is again on the horns of a dilemma. A military strike is fraught with risks and in case there is some misadventure Modi may well have to sit in the opposition like Vajpayee.

On the other hand, a successful operation may well give him a majority in the Lok Sabha. India Today has reported that Farrukh Abdullah the Ex-CM of Kashmir has opined that such attacks will continue till a political solution is found for Kashmir.


The entire Indian nation is shocked and wanting action against Pakistan. India's diplomatic offensive has borne fruit and both Russia and the USA have supported India and condemned the terrorist attack. The USA has called on Pakistan to desist from supporting terror activities.

Sands of time

The sands of time are running out and Modi after having raised the expectations of the people for revenge may find it difficult to finally execute a military action as this could lead to a large scale war, where victory is not assured.