There’s no secret that the new dynamic duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis have already changed the landscape in the league. Both franchise players and consistent MVP candidates, this new one-two punch is a force to reckon with.

Lakers looking to bounce back

Last season, the Los Angeles Lakers showed a glimpse of what is anticipated for the future. Over the first 20 games, they’ve exhibited a beautiful and exciting basketball style that thrilled the City of Angels. However, their momentum was put on hold when The King, LeBron James, suffered a groin injury.

In all places, it happened at the Oracle Arena against his nemesis, the Golden State Warriors. At first, it looked like it was just a simple injury until weeks passed and no sign of the King.

Eventually, the Lakers lost their composure which kept them out of the playoff run. It's evident that without LeBron, the young nucleus of the Lakers cannot withstand the ultra-competitive Western Conference. With that said, the front office of purple and gold went back to the drawing board. Luke Walton, who was their head coach at that time was relieved of his duties. Magic Johnson also resigned as President of Basketball Operations due to some conflict with Rob Pelinka.

The Brow’s arrival in LaLa Land

After a few failed attempts to get Anthony Davis, finally, they were able to land him.

The pressure is now on the Lakers as they have two MVP calibre players who can direct them to the promised land. According to recent polls and Vegas, the Lakers are now the clear cut favourites to win the NBA championship next season. It is also safe to say that next season will define the careers of both Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Warriors dynasty in trouble

Many analysts agree with the recent poll due to a variety of reasons. First, the Warriors who owned the Western Conference for half a decade is getting weak. Two of their star players are injured. Two-time finals MVP Kevin Durant is already ruled out of next season due to an Achilles injury. Klay Thompson also has torn ACL and there’s no timetable for him to return.

DeMarcus Cousins is a shade of himself and there’s no guarantee if he will return as a Warrior.

Kawhi Leonard saga

Second, the Eastern Conference is up for grabs. Although Toronto Raptors defeated the Warriors to become this year's champions, there’s uncertainty looming up north. Kawhi Leonard, the leader of the Raptors and finals MVP haven’t signed an extension yet. Analysts and friends believe that The Klaw is heading home to Los Angeles. There’s no info yet if he will sign with the Lakers or Clippers, however, most likely it would be with the Clips.

Lastly, the Lakers have all the momentum they need to win the chip. Currently, they are the most scrutinised team in the league and LeBron James knows about how to capitalise it.

The brighter the lights the better LeBron is. Stephen A Smith is absolutely correct when he stated that the Lakers have no excuse in not winning the title next year. In case they won’t make it, not only it will devastate their fans, but it will definitely tarnish the legacy of the King.