Amanda Knox arrived in Milan midweek for the Modena conference organised by the Italian version of Innocence Projects, which lasts through the weekend. At the airport, press photos reveal she made a great show of bowing her head and looking fragile, "I feel frayed", she wrote, on social media, The Telegraph reported. Her boyfriend Christopher Robinson was looking on in the background. Mom Edda is supposedly there but hasn’t been featured in news reports as of yet.

Sincere or acting?

Once again, the world gets a glimpse of Amanda Knox who some believe is the consummate actress who can never resist "hamming it up", because of the gestures and body language to convey high drama.

Remember her clutching her chest, cross-armed, in a gesture of gratitude when news came her conviction had been annulled, for the benefit of the photographers on her doorstep? The Guardian covered that news.

There was the time she pressed her hands together in front of her, as a gesture of humble thanks at the conference in Seattle after she was released in 2011 by Judge Hellman. Just hours earlier as she changed flights at Heathrow, she was seen laughing gleefully. Or, the most famous occasion of all, when she gesticulated wildly and dramatically from the dock, as she made her final submissions to the court after her trial, enunciating each word in Italian?

Prior to that, she was pictured outside the cottage on the day after the murder waving her hands about as a gaggle of reporters eagerly leant forward to discover what had happened.

She wore a pristine white skirt. So, image is all to Amanda Knox and this visit to Modena is no exception. We can expect to see a lot more of her heightened body language.

Knox meets up with old friend Peter Pringle in Modena

The Daily Mail reported on Friday that she is due to speak Saturday, supposedly of her 'trial by media' where she appeared to be visibly emotional, wiping away a tear, as old friend Peter Pringle gave his ‘testimony’ of his time on "Death Row for 14 years." Plus there's the Italian innocence claimer, Angelo Massaro, little known in the English-speaking world, who is described in the Italian news agency ANSA as "Tarantino acquitted - and released from prison - after a conviction for murder".

So, once again, attention was on Knox, who appears fully aware of the world's press focus on her. Amanda is captured wiping away a dry tear as Pringle speaks.

The Pringle Connection

As part of her "Innocence" campaign, you may recall Knox travelled early last year, February 2018, to the Republic of Ireland to appear in the Raymond D’Arcy Show.

It was thought her connection to Ireland is her earlier connection to ‘Innocence’ campaigners, Peter Pringle and Sunny Jacobs. The link continues. Peter Pringle has now also turned up in Modena for the very same Justice Festival.

Amanda Knox appeared with Peter Pringle on K5News channel in May 2017, together with Pringle's then partner, 'Sunny' Jacobs.

Dublin-born, Pringle had spent seventeen years in prison, on death row, for the alleged murder of two young policemen during a bungled robbery in Roscommon. Pringle has always maintained his innocence. The last person to be executed in Ireland was in 1954. Pringle was never in any real danger of the death penalty as an Act of Parliament had stayed it shortly after Pringle's conviction.

Pringle made a bid for compensation from Ireland in January 2018. The judgment was reserved and we have heard nothing more since.

Peter and Amanda certainly seem to keep reuniting, as they make their way from country to country as innocence speakers: Dabbing an eye here and giving their moving testimonies there.