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GOG Galaxy leaves Beta with release of version 1.2

Desktop client to rival Steam by introducing cloud saves, in-game overlay and chat
What’s new? So long, beta! The first stable version of GOG Galaxy - 1.2 has officially been launched. The new features of the client include cloud saves, in-game overlay tab, screenshots, friends list, chat and smarter CPU resource management while gaming and in idle. Universal Cloud Saves will allow game progress to be carried over between multiple PCs (useful if you play on a secondary gaming laptop or Windows tablet). It is worth noting that not every game will support cloud saves at launch, with a list of compatible games published on GOG’s website. The new overlay will introduce a handy FPS counter (who needs FRAPS?), desktop notifications and chat. Overlay enabled games will now allow easy capture of in-game screenshots with the F12 key. There is no indication yet if a web browser will be included in the overlay, or whether that has been benched for future development. GOG have placed a large emphasis on customisation by pointing out that users can pick and choose which...
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