Adobe Creative Cloud just made going back to school exciting. The one-stop package of apps and services means your creativity's right on hand when and where you need it. Flexibility to create when and where you choose is at hand. And, ideally, for students and teachers, it works off desktop or mobile. And, it's not going to bust the bank, either.

Wow your school peers with time-saving Adobe templates

Every student knows the pressure of time and quality. No fiddling about coming up with ideas. Inspire yourself and your peers with access to top-class templates.

No more boredom, no more mediocre marks. Just loads of great tools right at your fingertips. Feel good about yourself.

And, you never lose the work you've done yourself so proud on, either. Just zap it onto Adobe Creative Syncand store it in your own creative assets library. Imagine the fun of collaborating on your project, getting, and giving feedback. That's what's so exciting about Adobe with school projects.

So much you can do with less effort

From your one-stop Adobe Creative Cloud package, it saves so much time and effort to produce top-notch projects. Here's the whole deal in a single place:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC for composing and editing images
  • Adobe Illustrator CC to create illustrations and graphics
  • Adobe InDesign CC - think layout pages, digital or print
  • Adobe XD CC for design user experience
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC for web and mobile designs
  • Adobe Animate CC - that's fun
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC to make superb videos
  • Adobe After Effects CC for the polish and stun effects
  • Adobe Audition CC for recording and mixing
  • Adobe Character Animation CC, and
  • Four Photoshop apps for creative images.

Back-to-school excitement, but will it fit your wallet?

Adobe thought about the size of your wallet ahead of you.

Back-to-school's a serious business. After all, you need those shades, that trendy pen, and a really cool lunch box. Oh, and don't forget the wild-child, if suitably subdued, haircut. That's why Adobe makes it easy on the pocket, and in August, easier than ever to budget for.

Students and teachers get added benefits Adobe stresses, "pay up front through to the 30th of August and you’ll get two months free." Plus, you save a whopping "65 percent" if you sign up before then.

That should make your piggy bank smile. But, the offer only runs from the 17th to the 30th August, so put that Chanel purse on the back-burner.

Adobe Updates on demand mean more apples for the teacher

Teachers should find the Adobe Creative Cloud a boon. Get the jump on your students for once. Pay attention to update features during class breaks and choose whether to install them or not.

Wait for the "wowzer" reaction at your next class presentation. Keep the students engaged. Keep them excited. Keep them loving school.

Boredom busters make for success, so be prepared to pat yourself on the back. No more lumbering around the different apps on your desktop, trying to make sense of zillions of tech-sounding software. No more late Sunday night sweating for inspiration. Just easy - fingertip-easy creative tools to blow that idle chatter out the back window of the classroom.

Say goodbye to chalked stick-figures, untidy maps, and boring lectures

Look, there are loads of apps out there to help students and teachers. But if you go for a paid app, why not go for the one-stop, top-notch features of Adobe Creative Cloud.

You don't even need to be online to use it. You can work from anywhere, even on the late bus or the last Tube that gets you to school on time, and still have fun. And be creative. Now that's satisfaction.

Remember, Adobe's promises:

  • Get 65% off — plus two months free
  • Students and teachers already save big on Creative Cloud, and
  • Through August 30, you’ll get two months free when you pay up front.

So why not buy Adobe Creative Cloud and ditch the sweat out of teaching and learning? It's time for back-to-school to take its place as an exciting creative adventure.