Facebook is great, you can have all the friends you want and follow whoever you want. In fact, you can create a whole new world for yourself. A world where you are popular and people “like” you. It’s not like the real world, where you go to work and your work mates ignore you, and when you return home to an empty house you look in the mirror and see a spotty overweight loser.

You see, with Facebook, none of that matters. On Facebook you can airbrush your whole life, you’re “friends” will find you entertaining and your selfies show you as a beautiful, delightful, entertaining human being.

Get out of your own world

You can live in your own silo, your own world of people who agree with you, and you agree with them. If you hate Trump then you’ll only have friends who hate him, you’ll swap funny memes which show him bloated and snarling with the words “I am a Russian Spy!” So much fun. You won’t even have to talk to anyone with intelligent thought and opposing ideas, you can just stay within your silo and commune with each other.

Silos, they’re dangerous I tell you!

But, you know what? I actually think silos are a bad idea, but try telling that to anyone locked in one 24/7. They’ll look up from their phone blankly and then you’ll find they’ve shared your comment online with their friends which have posted over 300 comments, some LOL’s and some WTF’s, along with emojis I had no idea existed.

What your madman mate thinks

Silos encourage the hothousing of dangerous ideas - no, seriously listen to me - if you are only surrounded by people who share your ideas and reject all who question them when are you ever going to grow? When are you ever going to have an independent thought? Yes, I know, you’re feeling a little faint now, it was unkind of me to challenge you, but you must realise that the longer you live in your silo the easier it is for others to feed you lies.

Because if someone posts on your feed something outrageous about, say, Trump’s son-in-law you will immediately “like” it. And the scary thing is you will most likely not read it. If your madman mate in North Carolina posts it then it must be true. Of course, you’ve never met your friend in North Carolina, but he follows the “Trump is Just Plain Crazy” page that you follow, so he must be ok.


What would it take to break out of your silo and start living life in the real world? Ok, I’m sorry, just breath slowly and go and have a lie down. Yes, you can take your phone with you. Good grief!