The time of the year has arrived for the game developers and gaming enthusiasts to gather and feast on games that are expected to be released later this year or maybe next year. Every gaming platform has a game favourite, making fans excited for the holiday or next year's releases. Rumoured games were announced in the E3 2017 brings excitement to gamers. While rumoured games that went missing in the event put fans into the deepest pit of despair. Here are the top ten games that did not manage to enter E3.

The Top Five Games Missing

1. The Last Of Us 2: This is one of the greatest games that went missing on E3.

That emotional trailer from December seemed like a guarantee that the game will appear on E3, even if the game was on Pre-Development back then.

2. Dreams: One of the unique games from that could come in the PlayStation 4 was marked missing in E3. There must be problems with the development that kept this game's delay from its release date, but it should be worth the wait.

3. Visceral's Star Wars: Oh look, here's a good reason why someone might slash EA this year. After three years of teasing its fans, the game hasn't made any appearance at all. Though Amy Hennig, the game's creative director, explained that they're holding the game until 2018, so it is safe to expect a lot of good stuff yet to come.

4. Agent: This one's gathering up dust and it has been almost a decade ago since it was announced. And it seems like it would collect more, until the time its E3 Announcement comes. By then, PlayStation3 would be very old.

5. Halo 6: This game probably has excuses up its sleeves to be absent at E3. Though it can be safely assumed that this game would be appearing on the next Microsoft event.

It might accompany Microsoft's newest Xbox One X. Oh, but wait, there's the Halo Wars 2 DLC, so don't cry.

The Top Five Game Announcements at E3 2017

1. God of War 4: No seriously, who's not excited over Kratos' beard? Oh, and according to a God of War director, the beard smells "of Pine and Dead Trolls".

2. Spider-Man: Insomniac added great humour for their newest Spiderman game.

The trailer looks great and is Wilson Fis will be the main villain. The game is expected to be released next year.

3. Days Gone: This is a reason to not miss The Last Of Us 2, as it is also based in a zombie apocalypse and gives this TLOU2 vibe. A promising story is at hand.

4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: Another Uncharted game is ready to be grabbed and be fed on your PS4 console on August 22nd.

5. Shadow of the Colossus remake: Another game being remade for the PlayStation 4. This game is said to arrive next year.

Even though Sony seem to hate cross-platform play, there's a bunch of promising games for its PlayStation 4.