What is a Smartwatch?

It pretty much is a Watch with a Touchscreen that pairs to your phone via Bluetooth, it has a lot of functions like Calling, Texting, and a lot more which is really helpful and cool, don't forget cool.

Smartwatches, why should you get them?

Okay, imagine this, you are on a date with the love of your life and you just went to a Job interview so you are constantly checking your phone to see if they hire you or not, but you know that if you don't pay attention to her she may get mad and never talk to you again so you may have to choose between Your date or your Job, which one would you choose?... Why not both? You can easily avoid this problem if you get yourself a Smartwatch that supports this kind of features like Facebook or Whatsapp notifications, that way you are making sure of any good news and also looking classy while you do it.Or maybe burning off a few pounds is one of your New Years Resolution, well, a Smartwatch will definitely help you with this, some of them have Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, and they are waterproof (If you are into swimming) so like, go and get yourself one right now, of course, after you read this article.

Video Reviews

Okay, now you are sure that you'll get your own Smartwatch, now it's time to choose one smartwatch that fits your personality, needs and of course, your wrist. Well, luckily there are a lot of Youtube Videos dedicated to review this watches.

My personal favorite is the Youtube channel by the name of "SmartWatch Ticks" He puts a lot of effort when he makes his videos and you can see that from his 40 minute videos, he also explains the Smartwatch at its fullest like pretty much EVERYTHING that you need to Know about your Smartwatch. Of course, prior to this Article i talked to Mr. Ticks and he gave me some pretty good feedback and answered all my questions that i had.

He also gave me some comments that with his permission i would gladly add to this Article.

And i want to end this article with this:

"Look at choosing a watch like choosing a nice meal. You think about what you want to eat, then decide on a place that's comfortable, then go, have a meal and drop $50 to $100. Why fuss so much over a cheap smartwatch? Pick one that feels right, order it in, play with it, learn about it, enjoy it, find out what it's missing and what else you want, get 'hungry' again, and then buy another watch.

They're just like eating out, except in the end, you have a box full of useful watches to wear whenever you want. Can't say that about meals. In both cases, though, you've had an 'experience', and that's what it's all about."

That's it for this article. But i am going to write a few more about Smartwatches and Fitness Bands

I want to Thank Mr.Ticks for making this Article possible he is a Hard Working man that likes to share his enthusiasm about Smartwatches with other people, without him, right now i'll be desperate to find new ideas to come up with.

Right now he doesn't have any Social Media than YouTube so that's the only way that you can communicate with him.

Of course, ill leave you with a video made by Mr.Ticks himself.