How would you fancy a personal 'air conditioner,' with you all the time and keeping you cool or warm? This sounds like the ideal solution to our current problems. On 25 July 2019, the United Kingdom sweltered under temperatures of around 38.1 degrees Celsius (100.6 degrees Fahrenheit), making it the hottest July day in recorded history. Not to be left out, France and Spain have also been rather hot under the collar from the extreme heat. While the latter two countries are more likely to have a home air conditioner, however, Brits are rarely that lucky.

For that reason, Sony’s latest invention sounds like a total must, as climate change keeps on heating up this beleaguered world. They have come up with the Reon Pocket, which is a portable, Smartphone-controlled device which will be placed in a special pocket at the back of your t-shirt. The device is then able to cool the back of your neck down – and heat it up in winter too! All you do is adjust it with a special smartphone app which uses Bluetooth to connect to the Reon Pocket.

Reon Pocket – a climate change dream come true

The Reon Pocket is apparently the perfect device for whenever the weather gets extreme – including the summer heatwaves and the exceptionally chilly days that often happen in the winter months.

Users will be able to get the benefit of the device for 90 minutes before it has to go on charge for another two hours. Prices will be set at around $130 (£100), and this would include a shirt in the size and style of your choice. Admittedly their target demographic is businessmen and women who have to wear suits while the heat is sweltering, but obviously, it would be of interest to anyone these days.

Don’t get too excited, though, as the South China Morning Post reports that Sony isn’t bringing this product out worldwide in a hurry.

In fact, according to CNET, the tech company is currently crowdfunding the new device through the First Flight platform. If this goes well, Sony will likely launch the new device early in 2020.

Sony's Reon Pocket would sell like hotcakes right now

If only they had thought this up sooner, the device would be selling like hotcakes all over the UK right now, and probably in the hotter parts of Europe too. However, regrettably, it looks like initially, the Reon Pocket will only be available in Japan. Meanwhile, Sony is touting it as giving “individual comfort” in the YouTube video included here. While the man’s colleague sweats it out in the heat, he looks as cool as the proverbial cucumber.

Trusted Reviews reports that they are not too sure about the safety element of the Reon Pocket, as it likely uses a Lithium-ion battery. They can only imagine what would happen should that malfunction, while so close to the body. However, knowing Sony, they will be on top of any problems of this nature.