#Lamborghini is well renowned across the world as the infamous automaker of insane and ludicrous hypercars with exquisite looks and striking appearances, and their newest project, the #Lamborghini Terzo Millennio tops the hat of all the future hypercars that are to be made in decades to come.

It’s well known that fossil fuels are becoming a depleted element used in powering the primitively designed combustion engine, with hybrid technology being used as a possible solution which was seen in the use of #Toyota Prius. Then followed by the similar technology being refined, improved and further made exotic in the McLaren P1, Porche 918 and the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Though while this technology integrates the use of both electric and fossil fuel power outputs, it is still heavily reliant on the old-fashioned methodology used in propelling a vehicle. Though #Tesla, established in 2003, launched a series of all-electric cars that dominated the electric vehicle market. With Porsche, Volvo, BMW and even Dyson competing against one another to conquer the largely untouched market.

Though with #Lamborghini’s latest project in collaboration with #MIT is something only witnessed in science fiction, an electric hypercar that’ll set a standard for the future of all-electric vehicles. #Lamborghini’s goal with the #Terzo #Millennio is to specifically and directly address the future of the supercar and hypercar in five different dimensions: Energy Storage System, innovative materials, propulsion system, visionary design and emotion.

Where #MIT is heavily involved in the first two dimensions, with innovating radical energy storage system technology and material science.

The Terzo Millennio’s secret party pieces

The #Terzo Millennio doesn’t use conventional batteries as a power source but instead would implement the use of superconductors as a means of developing a power output.

As it was stated that the lithium-ion batteries implemented in today’s electric cars, such as #Tesla, release their energy slowly and reduce reliability. Due to the batteries being run down over repeated charges as they are heavily dependent on chemical reactions, whereas #supercapacitors physically store energy and don’t generate the heat that is emitted from lithium-ion batteries.

Supercapacitors provide the fast and intense release of energy needed to power the Lambo.

Although, as mesmerising and speculator the use of superconductors is, it’s also just as enticing to discover the superconductors are to be made from carbon-fibre panels - which the vehicle will be made out of to draw energy from itself. Whereby #MIT and #Lamborghini stated that one of their goals is the carbon-fibre structures of the car will not only act as an energy storage system but will also act as a self-healing technology for repairing cracks and damages. Per Mircea Dinca, an associate professor of chemistry at #MIT, stated that “most innovations that came and made its way into consumer cars started with things like Formula 1 and supercars”.

The final verdict

It isn’t known when the #Terzo #Millennio will go on sale or even if it’ll go into production. But if it does, it will be a big game changer for the automotive industry. Technology such as this has only been seen through the art of video games and film franchises. Bringing such technology to the real world, and showcasing a real-world model, would truly be a staggering change that would definitely make the current and the upcoming electric cars look outdated and out of fashion, while also showcasing a promising future for the automobile and blow the competition right out of the water.

#Lamborghini themselves stated that the #Terzo Millennio will be the first step forward towards “Lamborghini Electric” that will incorporate an integrated electric engine in the wheels.

Furthermore, the Terzo Millennio was also designed taking into consideration the technological advancements, while at the same time keeping the signature “Y” look in the front and rear lights. Showcasing the Terzo Millennio is still going to carry the insane and ludicrous fear factor as its previous predecessors. As well as its jaw-dropping and aesthetically pleasing appearance, this is one #Lamborghini that should not go amiss, and one that its competitors should definitely keep a close eye on… if it is to go into production.