If you are a technology lover, you will like this because Google and Levi's just announced this week that they are releasing the smart jacket this fall. This jacket will be different from the one you are using daily because the material they used is smart fabric. This puts technology on the sleeve that allows you to connect your smartphones or tablet and control it. This project is not possible without the project jacquard by Google. The project has been in development since 2015.

Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard has been working with different textile designers all over the world developing a garment that turns any clothing into an interactive gesture and touch.

They used conductive yarn to build the smart jacket. The structures of the Jacquard yarn is combined a very thin metallic alloy with synthetic cotton, silk or polyester. This makes the yarn too strong so that it can be woven on any weaving machine. It is also indistinguishable compared to a normal yarn.

How Smart Jacket works?

The conductive yarns are connected to connectors and tiny circuits in the button of the jacket sleeve. These constructed electronics to take or capture interactions and gestures that can be concluded using machine-learning algorithms. The data that been taken through touch and gestures is wirelessly transmitted to smartphones or other devices.The smart jacket can control your apps and mobile features.

You can answer a call, play and pause music, and can tell you directions and nearly places. This jacket is also washable.

One of the primary target markets of the project is the one who bikes going to work or school because they can easily control their devices when they are biking. Another is commuters, they don't want to take out their phones, so they just control it through their devices.

Drivers' also is one of the targets because if they have a call, they cannot pick up the phone while driving so will just swipe the jacket, and it will automatically answer the call. That's the convenience of having a smart jacket.