According to research and statistics revealed by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, 98 percent of the municipalities in the country of Columbia started this year with a stable Internet connection.

Currently, in Colombia, there are more than 27.9 million Internet connections, both fixed and mobile, from which it is concluded that six out of 10 Colombians have access to the network.

At the end of the previous year, the implementation of approximately 1,000 Wi-Fi zone points was achieved in most of the Colombian regions, among them, some of greater distance; thus increasing the possibilities of a continuous interconnection and transmission of greater security.

According to MinTic data, it is estimated that there are 925 of these Internet connection spaces completely free, each of which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the expectations of the state?

Considering that this is a year of political changes, elections and new mandates will be established, the technology sector and its early development may be a bit hampered or present a delay.

Undoubtedly, the state has a clear vision of the goals that are projected for this 2018, with solutions and alternatives proposed by area managers to achieve the objectives. The mission of the professionals in the area is to optimize processes to achieve better connectivity and greater coverage at the national level.

According to David Luna, "one of the key indicators included in this planning is the digital economy, innovation and renewal of technological resources for the consolidation of a communication network permanently online in all regions of the country"; they are priority and indisputable aspects within the development plan for the Minister of Tics,

Tics and education in the most remote regions

Taking into account the traceability and projection prepared to increase resources and connectivity to the Internet for the most remote areas of the country and the hard work that awaits those responsible for achieving this important mission, it is estimated that by the end of this year, regions like Vichada, some areas of the Chocó and others located at great distances from the national geography, will have technological tools that will allow the advancement of knowledge, better indices of excellence in education and thus realize the dream of a population that expects to enjoy the benefits of technology.