Do you know this feeling when everything around you wants to update itself? Updates don't only concent computers, but also TVs, smartwatches, tablets and so on. The updating process sometimes is quick, sometimes is not and it may be annoying when you need do something urgently. It wouldn't be a serious problem if it happened a few times in the year but now new versions of software are released often and it encourages our systems to process them. Can we avoid that? Are updates more useful or more annoying?

Updates are for...

The idea of updating has been created for improving security and correcting software mistakes.

But the process of applying them still isn't perfect (but to be honest, it's becoming better) and our devices have to be out of use during the process. The manufacturers are shrewd, however, and using updating channels offer us their new programs and services. So some people think that it is not necessary to keep their devices up to date but it reduces the security. So I agree with most specialists that we should update our devices, but it's a good idea turning off the automatic download, installing updates and excluding optional ones.

The update policy

Each manufacturer has their own update policy. Some producers prefer realising new versions often and it makes the process of installing simple and quick.

Others prefer realising new versions rarely but it makes the process of installing more complicated and slower. I think many people don't know update rules and it's a cause of the frustration. So have a look at the most important producer's update policies:

  • Google - their services are mostly online, so their updates aren't problematic. But Google also is a company responsible for Android which gets a new version more less every 6-12 months. (Un)fortunately, Android is the open-source project and companies do their own modifications for their products which don't allow add new features quickly and it isn't profitable updating it. Usually, we are left without system updates. But Android also has an official shop mainly for apps (but not entirely). And there we can find new versions of already installed programs on our devices. The most popular ones like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and so on have new updates almost every day and it's totally fine when updating once a week.
  • Microsoft - Windows has an embed update system - Windows Update. In Windows 10 we don't have the full control on this, we can delay the time to install them and choose a more suitable time to restart our computers to apply changes. If you've used any previous version, you can install selective patches when you want. Unfortunately, Windows Update doesn't contain new versions of drivers and programs (contains only Microsoft programs like Microsoft Office).
  • Adobe and Java products display the prompt about the updates often. This kind of programs is at risk of being hacked. If we don't need it, I would recommend you uninstall Java and Adobe products.