As if the executives at Facebook didn’t have enough on their hands right now, what with the Cambridge Analytica scandal exposing just how liberally they share around their users’ personal information just for a couple of bucks and British Parliament threatening their CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a court order, they’ve gone ahead with rolling out the announcement of a new feature on their social networking site: a dating service to rival Tinder.

Facebook’s F8 will take on Tinder

Given the number of dating services of different kinds like Tinder and Grindr and Plenty of Fish, you wouldn’t think that there would be room in the market for yet another one, but it seems that Facebook and its top brain trust think differently.

They have called their new dating service F8 (get it? Like fate? Like falling in love?), which is also the shortened name for the eighth “Fast and Furious” movie that the studio used on its posters, and Zuckerberg claims that it will launch “soon.”

In the announcement of the new Facebook feature, Zuckerberg did attempt to 2018 being a troubling and “intense” year for the company with the data mining scandal and the legal issues and what have you, but he is looking onwards and upwards with the new F8 feature. Given that privacy is the biggest issue with Facebook’s controversy right now, maybe a dating service isn’t the best idea. Still, Zuckerberg promises to keep privacy in mind.