Mark Zuckerberg. the genius billionaire behind social media giant Facebook, has an idea to slowly eradicate the long existing problem of fake news. However, he's not truly sure how to do that, just yet.

A shift from family-friendly to society-friendly

In the past, Facebook was famous for family and friends connectivity. In comparison to other social media outlets, Facebook provided more freedom in terms of what you post, you're entitled to your own opinion and you are free to express it online. This privilege has been abused countless times, making it a home for hate pages, fake news, and propaganda.

Last March, the tragic New Zealand shooting that went live on Facebook was the final straw and Facebook has finally made a move.

Facebook News

Zuckerberg is aware of the woes of many online publishers that use Facebook to gain readers and how they are being affected by the lockdowns and policy changes. The controversial social media platform has shifted to a family-friendly focus to slow down harmful fake news outlets and propaganda. The reason why they've been harmed is that Facebook's algorithm changed in order to show less news and more wholesome posts.

Now, Zuckerberg is changing that, although at the moment his idea is still on the brainstorming page. In a video that he uploaded on his page, he expressed that he's still unsure of how it will go.

One of his ideas is to have a dedicated news tab on the platform with authentic news to combat the existing problems Facebook deals with to this day.

High quality journalism

Zuckerberg's idea includes paying "broadly trusted" publications to use this section. He is also willing to pay the publishers and editors involved. This will not only increase readership that is essential in supporting news outlets but it also provides more jobs for others.

With editors and legit publications, there is a big chance that eradicating harmful pages and posts can be much easier. On the other hand, growing publications and starting ones could be harmed by this change due to the section's dedication to high-quality news from big publications.

Journalism plays a huge part in shaping people's opinions, hence the criticism towards Facebook for catering to even the most outlandish of theories in its platform.

Since he is still on the brainstorming phase, Zuckerberg understands the flaws he must address in order for this plan to be successful. So far it has been a neutral media platform to a fault.

He knows how much power Facebook holds, with many lawmakers often telling him that. He is now making a stand in order to provide the community with better access to quality news.