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Smartwatches, what are they?

A Smartwatch is a watch that has different features like Bluetooth pairing (some of them don't have this feature), Calling and Messaging, Heart Rate Monitor, and a lot more.

Which Smartwatch is the Best?

Mr.Ticks can answer this question:"It's hard to say what's best as they have different features, but I can tell you this. These smartwatches fall into different categories. First there are the tethering kind that allow you to connect the watch to a phone using Bluetooth and placing/receiving calls right from your wrist using the phone to do the calling. The other type are called standalone watches as they require a separate SIM card for calling and texting. You find all the Android based smartwatches to be in this category. These are not Android Wear watches -- that's something else entirely. These are the pure Android watches where you can download regular apps from the Google Play Store. They're really just tiny Android phones in a watch format. Then there are dual mode watches that have both SIM support and tethering capability."

So, it actually depends on what you need, like if you are into swimming then you should get a Smartwatch that has the Heart Rate Monitor, and that it's Waterproof (Trust me, you'll need that or you know, whatever you paid for your watch is going down the toilet) or if you just want to be classy, then just get a Good-looking Smartwatch that has Bluetooth Calling and Messaging, with either interchangeable bands or that metallic-like color.

So, Mr.Ticks made a YouTube video that you should definitely watch if you want to get your own Smartwatch.

Yes, it is 50 Minutes long so you better watch this in your spare time, or while your boss isn't around.

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