3D Smartphone on the move - There are new smartphones out and/or in the making that will allow you to view pictures, videos and other things in 3D. Imagine a more realistic perspective of all your media on hand. Okay, that doesn't beat actual reality, but if you're alone, isolated and stranded on an island, waiting for rescuers, you'd be happy to have a more realistic perspective of what was once civilization. As there are a few 3D phones out there, I'll concentrate on one model that made the 3D phone more interesting.

The Takee 1 3g phablet

The Takee 1 3G phablet, is a holographic smartphone.

It has a matt texture back cover to help with the grip and another extra back cover (white) so you can interchange them. It has the usual Android charger pin so it would be easy to replace if you happen to lose them.

It has a 5"5-inch screen with gorilla glass so it's sturdy. It can provide a full HD display, has clear graphics and the color is vivid. Its unique screen provides an immersive aspect and unlike other "3-D" phones that doesn't really give that 'umph' of a 3-D experience, it's eye tracking technology (found at the bottom and top) further improves the visuals for your personal holographic 3-D experience.

The eye tracking technology cameras detect your eye movement and when it locks where your eyes are looking, it generates 3-D holographic visuals that make it more realistic.

The phone is equipped with dual cameras. the back camera has 13 mp, flash and will enable you to take HD photos, but, the best part of it is, you will also be able to take 3-D pictures. The front camera is 5 mp which isn't bad for selfies. It comes with an Android 4.4 Kit-kat system, it's an Octacore 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM and has 2500 mAh for your every day or gaming use.

Comes with an internal memory of 32gb and an expandable slot ( MICRO SD CARD) that can accommodate for up to 32GB. It’s a dual sim phone and has wifi and Bluetooth collectability.

Cool and awesome features:

  • An ‘Air Touch’ system that can make you feel like you’re a Jedi playing mind tricks on your phone (with hand gestures of course). You can play games with it, control your video or music player by swiping your hand in front of your phone. (basically like Kinect)
  • Effect of the 3-D graphics are like how you would have it in a cinema, flying in the air or jumping out of the screen like in 3d TVs. It is an awesome way to pass the time watching movies in 3D.
  • The display is very vivid and sharp from all frontal sides.


You’d think this is an amazing phone but LTE is not available.

It can only use 2G or 3G. WCDMA, GSM, the 3d depth cannot be adjusted. You can't calibrate it as it's stuck with its factory settings. If you ask me if this phone is worth it, I would still say "buy it!". You can find Wi-Fi connection anywhere so, for me, that makes up for its lack of LTE. and for $110-$150. It's a great buy, especially for 3-D aficionados.