Motorola has released the Moto G7 and despite the similarity to the G6, it maintains a one-of-a-kind approach. It has a good solid feel with wrapped metal edges, front and back Corning Gorilla Glass3 and slightly contour rear that makes it easy to hold. The rear is scratch-resistant, as well as water-repellent outside and inside which means less worry of accidental spills or using it in the rain. The Moto G7 has both a fingerprint scanner on the rear side and Moto face unlock in the front-facing camera. It has the largest display of all the Moto G's, a full 6.2 inch HD plus Max Vision with a clear and bright 19:9 aspect ratio for a widescreen viewing experience.

G7 ramps up battery and display

You'll be happy to hear the battery, though it's non-removable, is a 3000 mAh all-day on a full charge plus its 15W turbopower™ will give you nine hours of usage with just a 15 minutes charge. Moto G7 runs on Android 9 Pie with internal storage 64 GB, memory 4 GB and has the octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor. According to UK and Europe get NFC on their G7's, sorry but it is not available in the US, which is very sad. If you had other Moto phones you will appreciate the one button nav feature which allows you to do more then just twist your wrist to get the camera. You'll be able to chop to turn on and off your flashlight, set the do-not-disturb by putting your phone face down, control your music from the lock screen and with a wave of your hand check time and notification plus a lot more shortcuts.

G7 good cameras for the price

If your looking to upgrade Moto G7 has the added power and features for a moderate price. It has a 12MP dual camera system on the back and an 8MP front camera plus a new screen flash, good for taking low-light selfies or group pictures. The high res zoom helps photos to look clearer and brings out the details.

It allows you to shoot an object in motion while freezing everything else. Both cameras feature the auto smile capture, auto HDR, timer, cinemagraph, timelapse and spot colour. Moto G7 includes different modes to shoot a video; slow motion, hyperlapse and timelapse. They included electronic image stabilisation which can be turned on or off, as well as an off and on for crop.

And getting the best picture is easy with Google Lens™. Also, it's hard to run out of storage with its dedicated microSD card slot. Motorola Moto G7 is priced at US$299, comes in ceramic black and clear white and includes voice control, quick gestures, smarter screen and Dolby Audio.