The Samsung Galaxy S9 is soon on its way, and with the release date just only a few weeks away rumours are picking up. A new rumour suggests that the Price of the flagship phone will be set at a higher price compared to its predecessor, which is currently retailing at £689 according to the Samsung Shop. The beautiful new addition is said to have a significant price Jump, which will be £100 higher than the S8. Some may say that the price jump is not that much, especially in comparison to the iPhone x.

The Samsun price jump is of concern

However, others seem to think that the price jump is rather unnecessary as they feel as though the phone is not going to have many changes compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The S9 is going to have some significant changes, however, but they will be more internal rather than external, which is causing many people to question whether the massive price jump is necessary.

With the price of the S9 being £100 more, who knows what the price of the S9+ will be? The S9+ was always going to be made to be bigger and more expensive than it's smaller twin. This could explain the price jump for the S9+.

So, S9+ fans watch out and prepare your bank accounts for this shock; some of you may need to start saving!

The company Samsung is planning to launch their new phone at the tech show MWC 2018 in Barcelona on the 25th of February. People are anticipating the launch of this phone and are waiting to see the wonderful changes that the tech wizards have made to their widely loved Galaxy series, TechRadar report

Many leaks have been revealed leading up to this event.

Some of the specifications that have been leaked include speculated phone cases, concept devices that were created and many more.

Rumours surrounding the S9 and S9+ so far

Numerous leaks have been revealed prior to the release of the S9 phone. For one, the design is suspected to have changed a slight bit compared to the S8. It is said that the bezels of the phone will be reduced a slight bit more; causing the screen to have a bigger display.

The S9 is also rumoured to have a single camera, and the S9+ is said to have a dual a camera lens which is the same as the Note 8. This also results in the fingerprint scanner being moved to the middle, close to the centre of the phone as opposed to the right-hand side of the phone.

All of you that have had issues with the fingerprint scanner - it's time to celebrate.

This may be a reason for you to upgrade and get the new S9 or even the S9+.

Samsung also plans on adding some new additions to the phone's video recording, with 4K videoing at 60fps. The phone is also supposedly going to be capable of super-slow motion. This feature will allow you to make videos and clips into slow motion, with a whopping 960fps; isn't that exciting?

I don't know about you but, I would love to see myself moving in slow motion! The processor is also going to be faster and better, Samsung will be using the Exynos 9810 chip in the new phones.This should result in a faster-moving phone, which will be capable of doing a lot more.

If the rumours are true then this phone will possibly be one of the most powerful phones of 2018. On that note, I will allow you to decided whether the price jump is necessary or not!