Double Fine Productions announced that On April 18, 2017, Full Throttle Remastered would be released for Vita, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game will cost just $15. It will be mind-blowing on the update because it is all new hand-drawn and 3D high-definition art with a high-resolution music and audio. It will give the players the ability to enjoy between new and classic versions of the game that includes the mix and match of old graphics with modern twists.

Full Throttle gameplay

The main character of this game is Ben Throttle, the leader of the Polecats biker gang and rides a Corley Motors Chopper, the last company that is producing legacy motorbikes.

His face shows his age; he has a suave haircut and grey beard. Father Torque who rides a blue Corley hardtail is the former leader of Polecats and then pass it to Ben. The Polecats meets on the Kickstand and only biker bar ran by Quahog on Highway 9.

Polecats Members:

  • Ben Throttle (leader)
  • Darrel (second on command)
  • Moustache Guy
  • Black Beard Guy with a spiked hair
  • Unshaved Guy
  • Guy trying to play the piano

The game is a single-player video game that you can control the character by using computer mouse and keyboard or console joystick. When the character is riding his motorcycle, you can use the cursor to point where he is going. There is also dialogue plays in the game that tells the story elements and information.

During conversations with other characters, you can choose what respond you want. If you choose the right response, it allows you to advance the scene.

Who built the game?

LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC created the Full Throttle, an American Video game publisher, licensor, and a video game developer. San Francisco, California is where their headquarters found.

George Lucas is the founder of Lucasfilm games in 1982. The company is best known for its graphic adventure games. In 1990 Lucasfilm Games was renamed LucasArts. Labyrinth was the first adventure game developed in 1996 by Lucasfilm Games; based on the Lucasfilm movie.