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People's Vote campaigners gather in Edinburgh for say in final Brexit deal

Campaigners rallied during an event in Scotland to put pressure on Theresa May's government and their Brexit plans.
People's Vote campaigners have today rallied together in Edinburgh in another bid to pile more pressure on Theresa May's government ahead of integral negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom which will commence after the UK government's summer recess. The People's Vote group have grown in power recently As public faith in Theresa May's ability to deliver a good Brexit deal for Britain has declined, the influence of the People's Vote group has increased. People's Vote supporters gathered in Edinburgh's Festival Square to collectively call on the government to give the British people a final say on the Brexit deal. In the past, People's Vote have branded Brexit a 'mess' and condemned the Conservative's handling of the negotiation process. The Remain-supporting activists have argued that the final contents of the UK's agreement with the EU should not be decided by a few hundred MPs in Westminster who cannot be relied on necessarily to represent the view of the people. People's...