Spain is not the best place to visit in Europe these days as there is a lot of trouble in Catalonia and now fresh troubles have erupted over the ownership of a mansion belonging to Generalissimo Francisco Franco. The general ruled Spain with an iron and during his time, personal freedom was greatly restricted. General Franco had a number of residences in Spain and one of his holiday mansions which still remains with his heirs has been put up for sale. BBC has reported that many people in Spain are incensed that this sale is being allowed and feel that the mansion belongs to the people of Spain and not to the family of General Franco.


Francisco Franco was a Fascist who was at one time closely allied with Hitler. He came to power after a civil war in which he was backed by Germany and Hitler but he was a shrewd man and when he realized that Germany and Hitler were sinking he disassociated from them. He charted an independent course of action and even joined NATO and became part of the western alliance.

The general, popularly called Caudillo, had decreed that after his death the Spanish monarchy would be restored. This was done but his various properties remained in the hands of his heirs.

Holiday mansion

The heirs of General Franco have now put up a Holiday Mansion at Caruana in North Western Spain for sale. Probably if it had not been put up for sale nobody would have taken much notice of it.

But now the mansion is the eye of the storm.

The provincial authority in Caruana in North Western Spain has now started taking legal steps to appropriate the mansion of the dictator. The provincial authority feels that the holiday mansion of Franco rightly belongs to the Spanish people and not to the heirs of the dictator.

it does not appear likely that the property shall be taken away from the heirs of General Franco, for the simple reason that Franco for nearly three decades was the ruler and he shaped Spanish policy both at home and abroad with his own ideas.

Franco has gone but many feel that he brought stability to the country and there were no fissiparous tendencies like in Catalonia which is now so current.

Last word

The general cannot be faulted on at least one count, and that is corruption, as he did not hand over the leadership of Spain to any of his relations but decreed that Spanish monarchy would be restored.

Despite all the noises about taking over the mansion of General Franco, many feel that it may not be right to take the mansion away from his heirs. It will be interesting to watch as to what happens to the mansion in the years to come