The US generals and Pentagon have been fed on a diet that " Russia is the enemy." This is echoed by the UK, which despite having lost its imperial grandeur of colonies still plays the great power game. The EU is tottering and something has to be done to save it. The leaders of the EU, France, and Germany have to keep the flock together despite economic hardship and internal strife with 1.5 million migrants inside it. To bolster the military alliance NATO and the political union EU, the bogey of Russia is created. NATO is expanded to include small nations on the borders of Russia.

Now the chiefs of the alliance led by the US generals have positioned tanks, soldiers, and military aircraft right on Russia's borders. Such a build up is a first ever after the end of the cold war. NATO is also carrying out exercises against a possible imaginary Russian invasion. The aim is simple, to break Russia and try and save NATO and the EU from disintegration.

Trump and NATO

Donald Trump during the election trail had voiced his opinion that both the EU and NATO were obsolete. Unfortunately, he had not thought that the Pentagon -military -political nexus will gang up against him on the Russian connection. He is hemmed in now and under threat. His views have no meaning as men like general Mattis and McMaster talk of " Russia is an adversary".

They haven't got out of the cold war era.

Bolstering NATO and EU

With Britain out of the EU and economic troubles looming ahead, the only way the union can be saved is by creating a danger of Russia. Hence provocative exercises have commenced on Russia's borders. The small nations on Russia's borders so thrilled with the presence of American troops are not aware that few hundred troops will not be able to stop a Russian onslaught.

Not that it is coming, but this is a needless provocation. This will not stop the EU from disintegrating.


These small nations must also remember that the US lost every war after world war II be it Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. Where is the chance they will succeed now? Prudence is the better part of valor. The small nations on Russia's borders should not be allowed to be used as pawns by the US generals and the Pentagon. History has a way of repeating itself.