The uncertainty of the post-Brexit vote hangs like a sword of Damocles over the future of the UK as Theresa May's government is facing a new legal challenge about the UK's single market membership.

Yet pro-Brexit voters are unanimous about it: Let's Brexit build a better democracy and prosperity. (Get Britain out) But how is Brexit a democratic victory that ensures the UK's growth?

The forgotten 4.2 million in the democratic vote

However, the Brexit discussion ignores an essential point: There are currently around 3 million of perfectly legal EU citizens in the UK and the 1.2 million of British expats in the European Union.They have built a life for themselves.

They have assimilated a different culture, they follow the regulations of the country they live in. For many, they For them, the dramatic result of the referendum was their worst nightmare becoming reality.

It appears in the light of the post-Brexit vote that the UK has taken 4.2 million of individuals in hostage for the sake of popular democracy. For them, the uncertainty of a Brexit deal is a life-changing matter that Theresa May’s government has so far failed to address effectively.

Brexit, or the death of democracy as we knew it

For the expats on both sides of the English Channel, the message from the authorities has remained the same since the referendum: No change made to the EU situation.

What changes are to come is another question and a question that is desperately in need of a clear answer. In the UK, the Home Office provides currently neither information nor advice for the EU citizens who wish to maintain their lives and families in the British society they now live in. Since the 23rd June, there has been little reassurance offered to them, even though there is still hope to stop the Brexit movement.

One can't ignore that the fairness of the EU referendum in the UK is debatable as the vote deliberately ignored legal citizens who were not given the chance to have a say about their own future.

Wouldn’t we call it anti-democratic in any other country that many have the power of depriving legal citizens of their rights of movement, employment, and life?