At a time when literally everyone’s news feed is exploding with stories about conflicts, violence, human suffering, and hatred spreading amongst our world like a festering wound, it’s refreshing to see a Story like that of little Graciana from Liverpool, pop up on your smartphone screen.

Two-year-old Graciana Smith-Bascom from Liverpool is very excited as she’s going to be reunited with her balloon that she had released from her father’s garden a few days ago.

The little adventure

After it took flight, the heart-shaped balloon covered over 100 miles before landing in Emily Beatson’s garden in the town of Worksop in Nottinghamshire.

The toddler’s giant purple balloon is being sent back to her thanks to a Social media campaign run by Emily on her Facebook page.

The 21-year-old shared a post requesting everyone to help her find the little girl from Liverpool and send her balloon back. The Facebook appeal went viral, garnering over 21,000 shares and over 2,000 reactions. Luckily, she was able to get in touch with Graciana’s family within a few hours.

Emily told Mirror UK that she started the endearing campaign as she thought the toddler has put in a lot of effort in making the balloon, so it would be nice to send it back to her.

Graciana had set off the balloon to see how far it would fly. "Graciana keeps saying that it has gone to the moon," Kimmy Smith, the child's mother, told the Mirror UK.

The balloon had her name and age written on it. It was attached to other smaller balloons that had the names of Graciana's family members. Her mother added that the little girl is very excited to get the balloon back.

This is not the first time that a story has managed to warm everyone’s heart on social media

In May this year, a beautiful story that was doing the rounds on the Internet was that of Jenna Yorkovich, a young woman from the U.S who called off her wedding for charity.

The would-be bride cancelled all the event bookings, including a non-refundable wedding reception, seven weeks before the big day, to host an event to help families with hospitalised children in Minnesota.

In 2016, eight-year-old Thomas Moore’s soul-stirring project managed to touch everyone’s heart.

After watching a Facebook video with his mother about a girl who had lost her hair due to chemotherapy, little Thomas grew his hair for the next two years in order to donate his locks to make wigs for children suffering from cancer. Later, his aunt, Amber Ray, shared the story on Twitter and it took the social media site by storm with over 119,000 likes and more than 60,000 shares.