Dismantling the camp known as 'The Jungle' was seen as the ending of the migrant crisis in Calais. Every day and night Migrants had tried to get across the Channel to England, often ending in disaster for the would be travellers. It was the wish of many a migrant to get to England as they thought wrongly the streets were paved with gold. Also, because they thought the UK was a soft touch for migrants and immigrants which patently it is not anymore.

Despite the destruction of the Jungle migrants are still trying to gain access to the UK via trains or trucks.

The migration is not as much as it used to be but it is reckoned since January this year 17,000 have tried to cross the Channel.

There are rumours too that French police are abusing and attacking the migrants living in nearby woods. The migrants tend to come from war zones or famine stricken lands. Others are obviously not fleeing any crisis some are just coming for the jobs and benefits they think Europe has.

Most migrants are men

The question has to be asked why are most of the migrants' men and why are there few women and children? One idea is that because in many third world countries like Africa and the Middle East men are the main earners. They leave their family and head to Europe in a hope that once established there they can send back money from whence they came.

Of course, the other worry is that some of these may also be terrorists out to do us harm, as was the case in the Paris attack.

Many of the migrants are people that have left Italy and headed for Calais hoping that they can get into the UK. Some children were taken from Calais because they had relatives in the UK but others were suspicious in case they were not children but youths.

The process was not helped as when the so-called children arrived in the UK they were screened from observers and the media.

The future

With migrants still present in Calais trying to get across the English Channel what is the answer? Destroying the 'Jungle' camp did not solve the problem the migrants have simply scattered elsewhere.

Alleged harsh tactics by the French police does not help the situation either. French locals may resent the migrants but that does not give them or the police the right to abuse their human rights.

It is possible some could claim asylum in Europe but with austerity bearing down on many European people this would be unpopular.

The left says they welcome migrants and I am sure it is genuine, but there are many on the left that could be using the migrant crisis to push their own agenda. It is clear there are no quick fixes to this problem, either now or in the future.