Anthony Green, 77, and his wife Delia Green, 75, were killed when their taxi was hit by raging floodwaters while on their way to their hotel in Cala Bona, Mallorca. While yesterday it was unknown what had happened to their taxi driver, Juan Sillero also died in the flood, close to the coastal town of S’Illot. The couple were living in the south of Scotland but were reportedly originally from England. Locals have paid tribute to the Greens following their shocking death.

Meanwhile, tennis champ Rafael Nadal was seen with a broom in hand, helping with the clean-up in his hometown.

Flash flood in Mallorca

The Daily Record quotes local authorities as saying the death toll has now risen to 10 people, three of which were visitors to Mallorca while others were local residents. This happened after torrential rain hit the region around Sant Llorenc on Tuesday evening. CNN reports that there is still a child missing in the area.

The area surrounding Sant Llorenc was hit by around 9 in (23 cm) of rain in only a couple of hours. Witnesses on the scene said they had only minutes to move to safety as the water levels rose, washing vehicles away and flooding homes.

Trees were torn down in the raging torrent and streets were left filled with wrecked vehicles and with mud.

British couple were on holiday in Mallorca

The taxi carrying the Greens and driven by Sillero was found by rescue workers, submerged on its side in S’Illot, at around 2 AM local time on Wednesday. The rescue workers found the Greens’ bodies inside the car, while Sillero was later found dead close by.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said they are supporting the family of the couple and will do everything they can to assist them at what is a deeply difficult time.

They are currently in contact with Spanish authorities, who are available to assist other British people that may have been affected by the disaster.

That report also quotes a friend of the couple, Emilio Dicerbo, 84, as saying everyone in the area where the couple lived for over 10 years will be upset over the British couple's deaths. He said the Greens were a friendly and lovely couple.

According to Dicerbo, the couple were visiting Mallorca on holiday when it happened.

Rafael Nadal helps with clean-up efforts

As reported by CNN, tennis champ Rafael Nadal has been helping with the clean up in Sant Llorenc following the flash floods. They report he was seen to be out in the streets with a broom in his hand, instead of a tennis racquet, sweeping mud and water from the streets. Mallorca is Nadal’s home. He owns a tennis academy in Manacor nearby, which he has offered as accommodation for victims made homeless by the flooding.

Nadal posted on Twitter to say it was a “Sad day in Mallorca." He also sent his condolences to the families that lost loved ones in the floods, adding that his tennis academy is available to anyone who needs shelter after the disaster.