The final round of the French presidential election is underway between Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader, and the centrist Emmanuel Macron. In the earlier runoff to the final election, Marine had approximately 21% of the vote while about 23.5% voted for Macron. There is a chance that Macron will win the election but that does not mean that Marine and her supporters can be written off. Even if Marine gets 40% of the vote the number of people supporting her would run into millions. It will be difficult for the incoming French president to ignore this vast number.

You cannot shut out the thoughts and ideas of millions of French citizens. There is no doubt that Le Pen commands the support of millions of French men and women. The far-right is also gathering strength in other EU nations as well.

Marine Le pen

What does Le Pen stand for? she stands for the identity of France and has repeatedly said that France must have its own destiny. Another big factor is the rise of Islamic extremism in the form of the Islamic State that has spread its tentacles in Europe. In France, hundreds have been killed in terrorist attacks by extremist Muslims, prompting the far right candidate to say that she would shut down all mosques in France and deport those involved in anti-French activities.

She also wants to take France out of the EU. Many Frenchmen realise that France was once a world power which is now reduced to an appendage of Germany in the EU. She would like to take France out of the EU and close the borders to Muslim immigrants from other countries. Even if Le Pen loses, the new French president will not be able to ignore the dreams of millions of French people who want an independent and strong France and not an appendage to Germany.

There is no doubt that Germany will call the shots in the EU, because of its economic muscle which in due course could also be translated to military muscle. Germany is the powerhouse of the EU. In fact, this is Hitler's dream come true and without firing a shot

At the crossroads

The French are at the crossroads now. Many French persons, who run into millions, would be happy to see France out of the EU so that it could chart an independent course as a great power.

The German won't be happy because an EU without France will be like a dragon without its fire

Muslim community

Le Pen is right in a way as far as the Muslim community is concerned. Some Muslim have not integrated into French culture and insist on having a separate identity. This by itself is not bad but when one sees the influence of the Islamic state on some Muslims in France then the bell tolls for the French Republic. Whosoever wins or loses this French election is like no other and France will never be the same again in the years to come