Prince Philip is a well-known name globally as he is the husband of the queen of England Elizabeth II. The prince is 97 years old and its a tribute to his fitness that he still drives a car. CNN has reported that the prince was driving a Land Rover on a public road near the Queen's Sandringham estate in Norfolk, the cause of the accident was perhaps a collision with another car and the vehicle flipped on its side, but by the grace of God, Prince Philip escaped unscathed.

The accident

The accident occurred on Friday afternoon at about 3 PM. BBC has shown footage of the accident side with the car an SUV lying on its side.

It does look like a miracle that the prince was not injured. In the UK there is no limit on upper age for a man to drive a car except that people above the age of 70 have to get their driving license renewed every three years. It appears that Prince Philip had a valid driving license.

The prince though 97, still loves to drive his Land Rover and is mentally and physically fit though he has scaled down his public engagements after 65 years and over 5000 speeches. Channel News Asia has reported that passers-by helped the prince get out of his car which had collided with another car. Two lady passengers in the other car suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip has now been in public life for 66 years after Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953.

Last year after 65 years of public life he had announced his retirement from Royal duties, but he still drives around in his Land Rover. The prince also is an airplane pilot, but he gave up flying planes in 1997. He continues to drive his car as he loves to drive. The prince during his younger days was accomplished horse rider and played polo, but he gave up the sport when he crossed 50.

Many in the modern age feel the Royal Family, and monarchy is outdated, but at present, it continues.

Land Rover

Land Rover and Jaguar are iconic British cars, but in the changing economic scenario in 2008 both the brands were bought by India's Tata Motors group headed by Ratan Tata. Tata Motors paid a price of 2 billion pounds in 2008, and the acquisition has been profitable for the Indian company.

Prince safe

The car crash of Prince Philip's Land Rover appears to have taken place when the prince's car collided with another car -a Kia after he had pulled out of a driveway to the main road. It can only be classified as an error judgment and does not reflect on the driving capability of the Queen's husband. The prince who was shaken after the accident is lucky to have escaped without an injury considering the car flipped on its side.