In the wake of the Manchester Bombing that took place last night at 10.35pm, emotions have been running high on Social media and elsewhere in the country. At the moment, the number of fatalities is at 22 with more than 50 left seriously injured. With much of the British public still in shock, some begin to speculate on the effect this attack may have on the General Election.

Telegraph reporters accidentally leave mics on

Two Telegraph reporters have been overheard speculating about the effect of the Manchester bombing after leaving their mics on during a Facebook live stream.

After casually chatting about whether Theresa May was going to make a statement, how long the General Election Campaigns would be suspended and indeed whether the General Election may be scrapped altogether, one reporter is heard saying something in a lowered voice to the other. The other seems not to have heard, so he repeats it in a louder voice.

‘This works in her favour.’ He said, referring to the effect that the events in Manchester last night might have on the General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn presented as a terrorist sympathiser

They continued to discuss the way in which the narrative surrounding Jeremy Corbyn this week has already been to paint him as a terrorist sympathiser. This speculation reflects much of what has already been said on social media.

Replies to Corbyn’s condolence tweet instantly accused him of hypocrisy in his dealings with the IRA.

Theresa May is well known for her counter-terrorism support, including her involvement in the controversial 'snooper's charter' and for her hard approach to cutting illegal immigration.

However, after a week full of election u-turns and mass criticism of the Conservative manifesto, and now this attack, the PM's leadership is under question once again.

"Callous terrorist attack"

After a long wait for the media, Theresa May stood outside of 10 Downing Street just after 11am to make her statement.

She began by sending her thoughts and prayers to everyone who was effected, outlined what we know now. She then went on to thank the emergency services for their bravery before finally condemning the "callous terrorist attack". May announced that she was going to be travelling to Manchester later in the day to meet with the Manchester MPs, the Mayor of Manchester and with members of the emergency services. The statement was concluded with May asserting that “Our values and our way of life will always prevail”.

For now, the British security services have set the threat levels to ‘severe’ meaning that ‘an attack is highly likely’. Members of the public are reminded to stay vigilant at all times and to report any suspicious activities to the police immediately.