vladimir putin is a charismatic leader who is admired by many all over the world and has solid support in Russia. A bizarre event took place in Moscow on Tuesday when a number of witches held a coven in support of the Russian president. They formed a "circle of fire" to channelize their supernatural energy in support of President Putin. The Daily Mail has reported that the witches wearing black hoods, chanted spells and incantations to support the 66-year-old Russian leader to protect him as well as defeat his enemies.

Witches' purpose

The head of the coven, Alyona Polyn said the purpose of the gathering was to use the power of the occult not only to support Putin but also to improve the quality of life in Russia which recently celebrated 75 years of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad.

She added that this, in turn, would make the world a better place to live in.

Putin recently won a general election for president with an overwhelming majority. Thousands of ordinary Russians believe in witches and magical spells. Russia's Health Ministry data of 1917, reveals that close to 800,000 people in the country are so deeply involved in occult rituals and psychic mediums that it is a source of income for them.

Support for Putin

The coven showed that Putin has support from people from all walks of life, whether he believes in the spells of the coven or not. The New York Post has reported that Russian people have traditionally believed in superstition and have a long history of casting spells since pagan times.

Aloyna Polyn the leading witch, led the gathering in an elaborate ceremony that was supposed to release forces that will support the Russian president. Putin does have a lot of friction with the United States and despite having excellent relations with Trump who recently recognized Guaido as president of Venezuela, relations are at an all-time low.

Perhaps the witches hope to fix that lowering relationship through their gathering.


Russian history is full of examples of men and women with occult powers. The most famous of them in recent times was Rasputin who appeared to have magical healing powers and saved the son of Tsar Nicholas II many times from bleeding to death from a rare disease, haemophilia.

The empress had full faith in Rasputin and it took a sinister plot to kill him. This was just before the October revolution of 1917.

Witches covens

Witches covens are also held in Europe and the UK, though no evidence has come to light that these covens have any supernatural effect. Basically, the coven in Russia echoed nationalistic sentiments as the chief witch led the incantation with the words, "Oh primordial power, return to the abyss those who wish to hate upon Russia".