Boris Johnson the foreign minister consulted the American secretary of state, who advised him not to go to Moscow. Accordingly, The British foreign minister canceled the visit. This cancellation shows the subservient role of the British government to America. It's a sad commentary on a once Imperial power that ruled the world. The American bombing of Syria has crossed lines and can lead to war between Russia and the United States. This is not a far-fetched idea and Donald who once asked the silly question "if we have nuclear weapons why don't we use them?" is a dangerous man.

The Russians have referred to this decision as "absurd". This news is reported by BBC

Riding piggyback on America

The United Kingdom is no longer the power it was. There was a time when the British ruled the entire world and the sun never set over the British Empire. Times have changed and Britain, devoid of colonies is a shadow of its old Imperial power. It is now beholden to the United States to make a mark in world politics. This is the reason that the British ride piggyback on uncle Sam. They thus went out of their way to support the American missile attack on Syria.

Lackey of America?

Boris Johnson, like a lackey of America, has gone one step further and canceled the visit as well as scheduled meetings with the Russian foreign minister.

This was an excellent chance for the UK to play a bipartisan role and try and solve the problem. Unfortunately, the foreign minister has followed the American lead, though many in England have condemned the attack by Donald on the Syrian airfield. The attack was just about 5o% successful as only 23 of the 59 missiles hit the target.

In addition, just a few hours after the bombing the Iraqi Air Force jets began operations again against the ISIS.

Missing an opportunity

Boris Johnson missed an excellent opportunity to make a mark for the UK. In the process, he has seriously jeopardized British security. One is reminded of a statement by Nikita Khrushchev who said that it would require just 5 H-bombs to wipe out England from the map of the world.

The British must be aware that the acts of Donald can lead to a military exchange with Russia and in the exchange, the British would be hard put. He would be well advised to follow an Independent course and not tag along with America.


The USA political apparatus is now dominated by generals who are looking for glory and a war with Russia. The British should be aware of the designs of the American generals. Donald Trump is an unpredictable man and not the best person to follow. Boris Johnson, by canceling his visit has missed an excellent opportunity to try and avert a war with Russia. A nuclear exchange where England is in the forefront is not in the best interest of the UK. England already has its hands full with homegrown radical Islamic terrorism and can ill afford to try to be the world's policeman along with uncle Sam.