The situation that is happening right now with the Amazon forest fires in Brazil, has raised a lot of concerns with the EU-Mercosur a deal that was discussed earlier this year. If this trade deal finalizes, it will be the biggest deal the EU has ever done.

EU and Mercosur trade deal

Earlier this year the EU was having discussions about a possible trade deal with Mercosur, an economic and political bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

This trade deal will help in improving not only the future trade opportunities between the EU and Mercosur, but it will focus on helping the countries with their economy when it comes to venturing into more business opportunities and also improve their social situations in the country.

This agreement will improve the food safety and consumer protection for the Mercosur countries, it will help by implementing some rules and regulations, it will also work on improving the labor rights and working environment for the people working in those companies.

Removal of major tariffs

One of the major discussion on this trade deal is the removal of major tariffs on exports between the EU and Mercosur countries. This will help in boosting the exporting opportunities for the EU and Mercosur.

Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris climate agreement is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change. They are the ones working on sustainable management and conservation of forests, they also respect the labor rights and promotion that is responsible for the business conduct.

They have various civil society organization that plays a vital role in this agreement, including human rights, social or environmental concerns.

EU block deal

Brazil has been facing issues with the Amazon rainforest catching fire, now the possible EU deal with Mercosur, may not continue unless the situation will change in the country.

Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil has been criticized around the world for his lack of help and support to the situation going on with the Amazon rainforest, there are many conservationists that also claim that Bolsonaro was the one who encouraged the setting of the fires as part of his business program.

According to the Brazil Space Center, Inpe, they have detected 72,843 fires happened in the Amazon so far this year and an 84 percent rise compared to last year.

According to the Independent report.

Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and is an important place for the distribution of carbon dioxide for the planet, it also plays an important role in the fight against climate change.

Emmanuel Macron stated that this issue must be discussed at the G7 summit, calling it an international emergency. When the French President said this statement, it started to cause some tension between Brazil and France.

Ireland block EU trade deal

Ireland is one of the countries who is part of the EU, according to the prime minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar, he stated that he will impose a block in the EU trade deal as well.

Varadkar is not going to continue with the deal if they will not change the environmental situation in the country with regards to the Amazon rainforest.

Both Ireland and France will need other members of the EU states to also block this trade deal to close the trade deal.