Two people died in a knife Attack at the Marseille train station on October 1. The attacker was shot dead by security in the southern French city, who rushed there within minutes of the incident. The incident is being treated as an act of Terrorism, officials say. "Two victims have been stabbed to death," regional police chief Olivier de Mazieres told AFP.

Both victims were women police say

An official told France's local newspaper that the attacker had cried "Allahu Akbar". What was the attacker's purpose for having stabbed two people to death?

Was it planned or done to spread fear? French media reported that both the victims were women; one had her throat cut and the other was stabbed to death. This has been quite a shock as women are considered to be protected and inviolate in Islamic culture. The man who carried out the attack was in his late twenties, reports say.

State of emergency necessary?

According to BFMTV, the attacker was killed by French soldiers who were already in the station as part of Operation Sentinelle.

France's counter-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation into the attack, a judicial source said. Police closed off the area and closed Marseille Saint-Charles, the city's main train station. Many trains were cancelled and people were told to avoid taking routes from the area.

Moreover, French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Twitter that he would be immediately going to the site of the attack.The French Interior Minister Gerrard Collomb and other ministers said authorities were determining if the attack was of a "terrorist" nature.

Security forces have been t targeted by militants who have carried out several knife attacks on them, most notably in June 2016.

Since then, the security has been tighter in important governmental areas and public areas of interest.

Previous attacks in France

Since November 2015, France has been in a state of emergency following a series of attacks by Islamist militants over the last two years, including attacks in Paris in November 2015 that killed 130 people.This has given the government and security forces special powers to raids homes and put people under house arrest.

However, has this included innocent people being questioned and fingers being pointed at their decency?

Now the question here is, who is responsible for these attacks and why? Are they targeting a specific target audience or just aimlessly killing innocents?