The USA has called on their citizens in Paris to contact their loved ones to let them know that they are okay. There are emergency hotline numbers on the US twitter page, but the numbers have been set up to assist those in the USA to track their loved ones.

The Embassy of The United States in Paris has asked people to check with their airlines regarding travel and to register with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program(STEP).

The emergency lines at the Embassy are for those people desperately trying to find their family members in Paris. On their Facebook page, the Embassy urged people to call home rather than call the Embassy, because, “This way the emergency hotlines stay open for those who are trying to find out about family members they haven't heard from.”

The US Embassy earlier put out messages to their United States personnel and American visitors in Paris to shelter in a safe place.

The attacks, which happened in France on Friday 13th November, killed more than 120 people. The Guardian has reported that François Molins, the Paris prosecutor, updated the press a few hours ago. He said that six properties had been targeted and death figures may be as high as 150 people.

President François Hollande, who was at the Stade de France, which was attacked by terrorists who died, has said in a statement that France is going to lead a war, which will be “pitiless.” Today France is filled with sorrow, but, he added, “The terrorists will face facing a determined France - a united France”

The USA has come out strongly on the side of France. The Guardian reports that The US defense secretary, Ash Carter, said the attacks are “horrific and barbaric,” and that the USA will "stand "with the people of France.

President Obama of the USA has spoken on the telephone with the President of France. According to the Guardian, he told Hollande that the USA would be steadfast and “unwavering” during the crisis in France.

Friday 13th has long been a day of superstitious dread for Western nations. This attack will surely rank as one of the most dreadful Friday 13th events in the history of Europe.

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