"We may have the wrong man," say the Berlin police, according to Welt N24 News, Germany. Breaking News released the information via their news app around lunch time on Tuesday and Reuters confirmed that Berlin Police President Klaus Kandt said, "As far as I know it is in fact, uncertain whether that (the Pakistani) man really was the driver." The suspect arrested on Monday evening after a truck drove into the crowds at the Christmas market at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church denied he was the perpetrator. This was originally released in a statement by the German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière (CDU).

The man arrested was the wrong person and real attacker at large and dangerous

Now, it appears that the suspect who claimed to be a Pakistani who recently applied for asylum in Germany is in fact, probably the wrong man. The incident left at least twelve people dead and 48 were injured and the trouble now is that the real attacker is at large and potentially very dangerous.

According to News Agency reports, after the truck had caused mayhem, there were some blood stained clothes found in the cab of the truck, but the suspect who was arrested some distance away was not injured and had no blood stains on him at all. Thomas de Maizière said that authorities no longer doubt that the incident was an attack.

It is apparent that this was a deliberate terror attack. "There is no longer any doubt that the terrible event last night was an attack," he said and went on to say, "We are dealing with a brutal assassination attempt." (The original statement was made in German)

No terror organisation has claimed responsibility for the death truck incident

He made this statement even though no known terror organizations have admitted liability for the incident as yet.

However, there is speculation and rumour among various sources. As the situation has now escalated a spokesperson for the Berlin Police said that this has created a new situation. The real culprit is at large and he is armed. It is feared he could cause further damage according to Welt N24 News.

Emergency and special forces on the hunt for the real culprit

Emergency services and special forces have now been informed that the terror suspect is not in custody as they first believed. Earlier, Angela Merkel commented on the attack in Berlin. She thanked helpers and investigators and she made it very clear that the attackers would be severely punished to the full extent of German law. Now they have no suspect to punish, the people of Berlin will be even more concerned. There is an air of fear in the Berlin area according to Blasting News reporter Lennison Limas who covered the story in the US edition.

You can watch a video of the aftermath of the attack below: