A mad attack on UK police officers by Jamshid Piruz, an Afghan, Dutch permanent resident was captured on video.

The recent video emerged of the horrifying attack on police officers with a hammer.

The violent offender from the EU had previously done nine years jail time in Holland for beheading a woman in Holland after he watched videos of beheadings by the Taliban.

The incident of the attack with a hammer left PC Young in the hospital with head injuries. PC Jessica Chick who was there with a Police dog could be heard screaming at the man to back off as he attacked with mad vicious fury after he was approached as a burglary suspect in West Sussex last year.

Watch the Youtube video footage as the man goes berserk with a hammer

The crazy hammer attack was his second run in with the UK law

The crazy attack has now led to the man being imprisoned for life and according to the Mirror, the man will serve a minimum of six years behind bars. Even more mind-boggling is that the violent man who had already beheaded a woman and served time did not seem to learn from his punishment. In the UK, he had already had a run-in with the law when he first arrived there in 2014 after serving his sentence in Holland more murder. He assaulted a member of staff at Gatwick Airport but was not jailed for it at the time.

Quite rightly, the Tory MP Henry Smith of Crawley expressed concern that a violent offender had been allowed into the UK.

He told the Daily Mail, "A very dangerous individual was allowed to travel here without us having prior knowledge that he’d committed murder in the Netherlands." He also went on to question how this violent offender information could not be passed to UK authorities by the EU?

Violent offenders, immigration and excuses for bad behaviour

What are your feelings on foreign criminal nationals being able to enter the UK, especially if they have a history of violent crime? According to his defence lawyers, Piruz was under "stress" as he was not coping well with adapting to life in the UK. They cited the stress of driving on the left-hand side of the road as one of the things he had struggled to adapt to.

Was that enough reason to go berserk and attack the police? Was that justification for getting involved in assaulting a staff member at Gatwick upon his immediate arrival? Have your say and leave your comments in the box below.