After the general election, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are more popular than Theresa May and the Conservatives according to recent polls. Considering the absolute disaster May had in relating to the voters in this general election compared to Jeremy Corbyn it is not surprising.

Then on top of that, there is continued austerity and the Grenfell disaster these have added to Theresa Mays woes. Also, the fact that May will not budge on public sector workers pay this has only added fuel to the fire.'It seems though any potential challengers for May's job are keeping their powder dry for now.

Theresa May hated as much as Trump and Putin

A You Gov poll shared with Sky News shows the troubled PM is just as unpopular in Europe as she is at home. European countries like France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Germany loathe Theresa May as much as they do Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

The fact she is held in such contempt alongside the Russian and American Presidents shows the amount of unpopularity she is facing as she travels to the G20 summit. Relations are not exactly rosy between Putin and Trump either, with the bromance appearing to be in the deep freeze as the two leaders are to meet at G20.

The head of You Gov commented that "It was a pretty safe bet" that May's unpopularity in Europe is the result of the UK leaving the EU in 2019.

A little unfair perhaps on Mrs. May as she was a remainer but as PM she has to accept the vote of the British electorate and carry out their wishes.

Merkel and Macron riding high

Angela Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany for a number of years and though she may face a challenge from the AFD in Germany's general election it is reckoned she will cling on.

Some have said she is the Margaret Thatcher of Germany and if anything, like the Iron Lady she has proved her metal.

Emmanuel Macron has seemingly come from nowhere to be the youngest French leader since Napoleon. His political party 'En Marche' has formed as if from nowhere and his speech at Versaille has drawn comparisons to Napoleon who some say he resembles.

Both leaders - the female veteran German Chancellor and the new kid on the block Macron - as opposed to May are extremely popular. Merkel has always had a chemistry with French leaders whether it was Sarkozy, Hollande and now Macron.

French and Germany are the two most powerful nations in the EU and they are the glue that binds this group of nations together. With the UK leaving in 2019 the EU has been shaken for sure and will miss the UK's presence and financial contribution to the bloc.

Will the European Union survive and become the industrial and military power some want it to be or will it sink? Only time will tell what will happen to the EU and the UK as they go their separate ways in 2019.