Italian citizens voted on Sunday the 4th of December against a constitutional reform, proposed by the government. As a result, the Pm Matteo Renzi decided to resign. But this vote differs from Brexit. Italy and Uk both have lost their contact lens cases: one chose to take other lenses, the other one bought other cases.

The Europe of the Regions

Both countries have to take off their lenses which showed a "Europe of the Regions". National states have had in the decades 80s-90s "an erosion of the power" for two factors, affirms a 1994-dated study of the European university institute in Florence: 1) the advances in European integration; 2) the greater dynamism of regional entities.

The Uk reacted to the first one, Italy to the second one. A new political vision is offered to the people with a new pair of lenses: it affects the relationships between the institutions (the Uk and the Eu for British people, the state and the region for the Italians).

Maybe the old lenses didn't work so well, surely the political governments which lead the two states aren't able to preserve them. Uk citizens decided to change the vision with another pair of lenses, Italian ones (with a strong turnout) decided to keep their old lenses and to buy other cases (it has meant a political change).

The state and the regions in Italy

Such as other predecessors, Italian kid on the edge Pm Matteo Renzi lamented a lack of power to do all the reformations he wanted, also because of the opposition of the local institutions.

In fact, a previous constitutional reform, dated 2001 (proposed by the same political party of Renzi: Pd), listed a number of matters which regions could decide on. Nevertheless, the difficulties to understand whenever the regions or the central government have the jurisdiction led an enormous quantity of controversies in front of the Italian supreme Court.

The new reform would assert the importance of state government, with a partial compensation for the local powers, that would be represented in a deprived chamber: a Senate which couldn't vote the confidence (even though, it would have approved the constitutional reforms).

The rejected reform would introduce a discussed clause of supremacy in the constitutional text: because of national interest, the state government could decide over the regions in all the cases.

Instead, even nowadays, the state could hardly decide for some matters against the opinion of the regions (or without an agreement with them).

A political vote

In the last days of a hard campaign (with various endorsements), according to an analysis displayed by the Italian institute "Reputation Manager", the 71 % of the online conversations supported the "No" to the reform. More important, the majority of the comments involves the Pm Matteo Renzi rather than the law. Not all the people look positively his action. His outlook is moot. The Italians chose to keep the lenses and to buy other cases. Contrary to British people, who expressed the willing of changing vision. Taken out the lenses, in the meantime both have to found the glasses for the night.

Domenico Mussolino