The Windsor Royal family are reeling today with the prospect of a native #moai King from the HAPU Tribe in New Zealand, laying claim to the British Royal Throne.

Represented by John Wanoa, King William IV laws are being revived by the native Moai, to sack #Queen Elizabeth II as the Trustee of the King William IV fund, through the King's Bench, superior to the Queen's bench, which present-day British Law is practiced under.

Preferring to be called 'Moai', rather than the European version of 'Maori', the HAPU Tribe of New Zealand, perfectly sums up and illustrates the anger and animosity which the Commonwealth people feel towards Queen Elizabeth II.

As John Wanoa explains, “It’s a Commercial Contract King William IV set up for us because he didn't trust his own family and thought Victoria would be unfaithful to his promise to look after the people and us Natives!”

Queen Elizabeth II needs to answer serious questions

Being the most secretive royal family in the World, the Windsor's have evaded serious questions, by using draconian Laws which exempt them from Freedom of Information requests, effectively placing them above the Law. 

Serious concerns persists about the Windsor's close connection with the UK's most prolific serial sex abuser Jimmy Savile; while historic questions remain about the relationship between Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

Most damning of all is the disappearance of ten indigenous Canadian children in 1964, who were last seen going on a picnic with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. The parents are still waiting for their children to return home.

Confessed first hand on The Parkinson chat show, that Jimmy Savile smuggled a little girl in the boot of his car, into Buckingham Palace for Prince Philip; to allegations of the royal family being members of the Ninth Circle satanic cult.

The last day's of the Windsor Royal family are numbered

Recently revealed, Prince Charles feared he'd be assassinated during Princess Diana's funeral  because of his marriage breakdown and his perception of being 'public enemy number one.'

Commentators believe the public will be calling for the Queen's head, if any of these vile and vicious allegations are proved to be true.

Satanic paedophile ring

With the recent death of Conspiracy researcher Max Spiers hitting the national news, and the claim Max was investigating a satanic paedophile ring within the US military, a growing number of the population in the UK are now thinking the unthinkable. Asking the questions which have never been asked of a serving monarch in living history.

A seamless transition of power between one monarchy and a native Moai King, now seems to be possible, if not inevitable.