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Anxiety, education and learning

Anxiety is defined as the fear of failing, of being punished or of being ridiculed, and depends on one's own perception of someone else's opinion.
In terms of education, a final test could be a good example of how anxiety is reflected in the students’ learning process, causing them to eventually portray symptoms that may go from: an apparently adequate behavioural control, to a noticeable intense lack of self-control. This, on occasion, may turn out to be unmanageable for the pupils and for the teachers as well and, subsequently, affect the learners’ ability to express themselves and make their knowledge evident. How to detect anxiety in your students? CNN reported that in spite of the nature of the situations, some signs can be when the students, Worry too much about anything. Find it hard to handle their concerns. Seem anguished and impatient about something that is still unknown and unreal. Are incapable of staying focused and attentive or, in some cases, the fact of not being able to think about anything becomes quite difficult for them. Appear fretful, defensive and, usually unable to see reality as it truly is. Act...