With the passage of time, the institutes across the US, UK, Canada, and Asia have understood the demand of students regarding Urban Studies. Nowadays, students show much interest in urban environments. For fulfilling their desire, the institutes have started offering a variety of degree programs in urban studies combined with the socio-economic, political, and cultural problems. This list of top colleges and universities has been recently compiled by the Urban Studies Program experts. It is ideal for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the fields of community arts, politics, and human welfare, etc.

These institutes provide the best learning Environment and great opportunities of career grooming.

Wheaton College

This college is based in Illinois. By paying a tuition fee of $25,258, you can obtain an advanced degree in urban studies. Moreover, the college provides students with an opportunity of double major (in urban studies and any of its relevant disciplines). Mostly the international students opt for the four-year Bachelor’s degree program. After you finish your studies, there are chances that you would be offered an internship or a well-paying job. We recommend that you opt for an internship so that you can learn how to use the Ethnographic theories and methods practically in research and environmental projects.

Vassar College

Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, Vassar College is offering interdisciplinary programs in urban studies and geography. The courses are combined with a variety of other subjects including economic, arts, architecture, political sciences, and more. Students interested in pursuing a major in urban studies have to complete a few short courses.

These help to develop better understanding of the field before they could advance their career. Besides this, you can opt for majoring in regional economics, gender studies, social sciences, and other related fields. The four-year Bachelor’s or two-year Master’s degree is awarded only upon the successful completion of a research project and a thesis.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is situated in Missouri. It is one of the top universities for anyone who is interested in urban studies. The tuition fee is $33,812. Students can apply for scholarships too. These are awarded purely on the basis of merit. For international students, Saint Louis University is offering a Master in Urban Planning and Development. The institute has partnered with a few schools so that students can complete their research projects without any hurdle. This partnership has enabled the university to offer programs in different areas including real estate development, community sciences, economics, and environmental planning.

University of Connecticut

By paying a tuition fee of $19,040, you can enjoy the great learning environment at this university.

It is offering a major in urban and community studies. Apart from that, the institute has welcomed applications from local and international students in liberal arts, environmental studies, and social sciences. The lectures are delivered in the sub-fields like survey research, archival and statistical analysis, and others. All students are encouraged to be a part of paid internships after the completion of their degrees.