The general complaint of parents and Children, especially in the context of executives linked to the corporate world, and even among professionals, is that lack time to give and receive attention, dialogue, affection and presence, as something felt by both parties .

Even day-to-day inside the houses, direct links, are very compromised by the fascination that the virtual world has on all family members. That is, the dialogue is practically nonexistent and each represents a "bubble" to interact with other, distant, which ends away from the next.

It is worth noting that this whole situation is further exacerbated by the current conditions of our social landscape, political and economic.

Rising unemployment, inflation, high rates of default, disbelief in the country and its leaders, lack of prospects and a general pessimism become favorable scenarios the distance and individualism.

But at the same time, we must face all these difficulties of the moment make the dialogue between parents and children much more useful and necessary.

The worst thing parents can do at the present time, is to use an old argument that the most convenient is "save the children's knowledge and awareness of the complexity of such a competitive world and often little solidarity".

It is worth noting that not educate children only for our enjoyment, pride and delight. Children should, and must, be educated for life, as it is in the real world.

With costumes, humor, optimism, reality and, above all, with the ability to, in future stages of their lives, can take on the responsibility of being the authors of their stories, accomplishments, ability to overcome setbacks and failures.

In this sense the holidays and the end of events and start to the year, are excellent times to create opportunities that encourage a process of reflection, individually and collectively on what each one is thinking in relation to your life, present and future.

I recall that when our children were small, as we went on vacation, he asked each review of the year that had passed, and I was thinking for the New Year. Clearly, the reactions were not very sympathetic to this provocation.

But gradually, opinions, desires, fantasies, dreams and sorrows were appearing. And consciousness was in charge of the self-development process.

But best of all this is to see how much each appropriated the history of life. Not to mention my satisfaction in seeing today, some of them repeating the experience anew with their own children.

Below are some suggestions, very simple, for those who imagine using this holiday season and holidays, as well as a time to bring in their families, a process of reflection on the meanings of life. Whether present or future.

- Gather all the family members in a relatively isolated location so as to achieve mindfulness;

- Turn off all equipment that might distract attention or stop dialogue and interest;

- Formulate a small set of questions to be answered, or commented upon by everyone, individually;

- Suggest that each head a word of encouragement, support or request for another family member;

- Close with him an act of mutual joy and affection.

I thank the readers who do not view these provocations as a self-help tool. Are only suggestions so that each parent or child suggests a process of reflection and strengthening family ties.