All of this week birdsong will feature heavily on Center Parcs' Twitter feed, as the short-break holiday company aim to get people listening to and talking about birds. From 15th - 21st June, Center Parcs will be celebrating 'Real Tweet Week', by their creation of a birdsong feed that features the sounds of birds that are found close to their UK resorts.

Birdsong on the feed

In collaboration with Geoff Sample, a well-known sound recordist in the field, they have captured birdsong from a wide variety of birds. Incorporated on to the feed will be the sounds of the mistle thrush, the chaffinch and of course the famous British robin, a particular favourite of the nation.

Pictures and information

The feed will build on the basic sounds of the birds by providing a wealth of additional pictures and other general information pertinent to each species covered. A local flavour will be provided by specifying which types of birds can be found at each of the five Center Parcs' 'villages' across the United Kingdom.


As an incentive for people to visit their site, Center Parcs are also running a competition to reward those who re-tweet a particular post on their Twitter feed. The lucky winners will receive one of three ivy leaf bird nesting boxes and some bird seed, kindly donated by the RSPB who are supporting the bird-related campaign.

The senior conservation ranger for the company, Peter Larcombe explained that they wanted to share the joy that he and his colleagues experience each day through working at Center Parcs.

He added that there was no "better way to share our daily soundtrack with people across the country" than via the Twitter feed.

By encouraging families to listen to the feed, they hope to inspire them to then seek out the real thing at their resorts and in their general lives, sharing the experience that clearly brightens up their own working days at the resorts.

RSPB collaboration

The RSPB are also delighted and excited about the link-up with Center Parcs, with their representative Richard Bashford believing that it will help "people connect with nature." They hope that 'Real Tweet Week' will engage families with nature, through recognising the bird sounds that they hear every day.