In one week it begins all over again: family gatherings, food, food and before I forget: more food! And of course, a visit to the church is included. Why? Because Easter is next weekend! We are ahead of a long weekend - Friday and Monday are free. But why do we actually celebrate Eastern?

We are going home to our families and finally we can buy the millions of chocolate bunnies and eggs, which are in the supermarket since January. Next weekend, is a good excuse to eat more than you should and to burn calories during egg races on Sunday morning.

But what do eggs have to do with Eastern? And what is about the rabbit that brings the eggs?

A quick overview

Easter is the oldest and one of the most important - if not indeed the most important - celebration of Christianity. Jesus was executed three days before Easter Sunday, on Good Friday. His body was buried in a grave and guarded by Roman soldiers. However, after two days, his grave was empty. Disciples of Jesus visited the grave and found nothing left, so they began to search for Jesus and met him in person. He was alive, because he resurrected. We are still celebrating today this miracle, the resurrection of Jesus, namely on Easter.

Eggs and rabbits

This means we are celebrating next weekend the resurrection of Jesus and in general, the life - our lives.

Therefore, during the next days, we are going to decorate our homes, prepare meals including the traditional painting of eggs in different colors. This is due to the fact that eggs are an ancient symbol for fertility and the beginning of a new life. During the morning on Easter Sunday, children are searching outside for eggs, which are brought by the Easter bunny.

The tradition of the Easter bunny dates back to the 13th century when people worshipped gods and goddesses. The symbol of the Goddess of life and fertility was a rabbit. Due to the fact that rabbits normally give birth to a litter of babies and thus, symbol life as well. Hence, Christian and pagan tradition merged.

Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

Easter is a wonderful way to celebrate life and especially, after the sad news in the last days everyone should give strength to people, who might need it at the moment. Easter is much more than only eggs, eastern bunnies and food - it is about life, hope and the feeling that you are never alone, even if you think you are - you are not.