To celebrate the launch of the Living the Dream scholarship, Uniplaces has announced that five students will get the chance to fund a semester's accommodation.

Uniplaces is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation, and since its launch in 2013, has become the fastest growing international website of it's kind. The benefits are twofold, as Uniplaces ensures that the process of finding accommodation is as easy as possible for students, whilst providing landlords with an easy way to rent their properties.

Uniplaces has admirable intentions, as the scholarship aims to support student social mobility, whilst also encouraging kindness.

It is the first ever scholarship to be collectively funded by the global student community, thus making social mobility a collective goal. Ben Grech, Uniplaces co-founder, said "Uniplaces believes everyone should feel they have a place at university, and every element of this campaign is designed to help not just those who obtain scholarships, but anyone who comes into contact with an act of kindness. It's a simple mechanic that really brings our mission to life and encourages students to make their campuses welcoming for everyone."

The Living the Dream scholarship is built on a social growth model, meaning that it grows as Uniplaces does. Each time a booking is made through the website, £1 is placed into the Scholarship fund.

With an ever-increasing number of bookings, Uniplaces is aiming to provide more scholarships as time goes on.

Open to students world-wide, the lucky 5 winners are expected to obtain the scholarship by using kindness as currency; each applicant must submit videos of their 'random acts of kindness', acts which make their university a better place, whether it be for an individual student, a member of staff, or the university community as a whole.

As well as presenting five students with a scholarship, other rewards for smaller acts of kindness will be handed out over the course of the year.

So far, the kind acts submitted have included helping people find their classes, assisting the blind, baking and handing out muffins to everyone in the library, and buying a strangers groceries.

Head to their website to submit kind acts, vote for your favourite kind acts, or donate to the Scholarship fund. Anyone can take part - so don't hesitate to get involved. Your votes count, as the profiles with the most votes will be in with the best chance of being offered one of the first ever Living the Dream scholarships.

The winners of the pilot Scholarships, selected by a Uniplaces judging panel, will be announced on Tuesday 14th April - and any donations received will go straight into the Living the Dream scholarship fund for next semester.