It is quite tough for prospective students to decide whether they should major in software development or hardware engineering. A graduation and post-graduation degree in Computer Science or IT prepares them for a bright career, but the most confusing thing is how to choose the right institute. According to Colorado Technical University’s report, a degree in computer studies with the theoretical and practical aspects has no alternative. It opens the doors of numerous job opportunities. At the same time, students learn skills related to operating system, artificial intelligence, database system, programming languages, and others.

Thus, they can run their own software house once the Education is completed.

Here is the countdown of 2016’s most affordable universities for majoring in computer science.

Princeton University, New Jersey

Princeton has achieved high rank for its well-versed computer science and engineering courses. The Department of Information Technology offers a variety of short programs during the summer vacations. Apart from this, you can seek admission in a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree. The School of Engineering and Applied Science is known for its affordable degree programs. The key feature of this university is that all of its departments focus on the provision of quality education. You can also apply for a degree in business administration, social sciences, medical studies, English literature, and other fields.

On an average, the tuition fee is $40,170. The brilliant and deserving students can apply for financial aid.

Harvard University, Cambridge (Massachusetts)

It is one of the oldest and most famous universities in the world. Harvard is famous for its engineering and IT programs. Besides this, the graduates and undergraduates gain knowledge in the fields of health sciences, business studies, gender studies, and linguistics.

Currently, the university has more than 120 permanent lecturers, 500 postdoctoral fellows, research appointees, and above 140 research staff. If you are looking for a degree that costs you reasonable, Harvard is the right choice. The baseline tuition fee is adjusted with monthly scholarships. If you are an international student, then hostel facility is also available.

Yale University, Connecticut

Yale’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has invited applications from the local and international students. This university has a good reputation, and offers excellent study programs to its graduates, undergraduates, and post-graduates. There are chances that after completing your degree, you would get a job in no time. Students recommend Yale University to their fellows because of its cutting-edge research facilities and affordable tuition fee. You don’t need to pay anything more than $44,000 per year to obtain a professional degree.

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Although Johns Hopkins is widely famous for its healthcare programs, but its computer science and business administration departments have gifted the world some remarkable alumni.

The tuition fee of a Bachelor’s degree in IT is around $45,000. Its Whiting School of Engineering offers more than 15 full-time degree programs in fields like Computational Mathematics, Computer Integrated Surgery, and Mechanical Engineering. During the study period, the bright students can apply for an institutional grant of $11,666.