When talking about life at school, one may keep talking for hours on and on. There are many topics to consider and discuss. Of course, one of the most important and always discussed issues is the way of better learning and teaching.

There are hundreds and thousands of different methodologies, which serve for this or that purpose. For somebody, one method is effectual, while for the others it has little efficacy. For instance, there many recommendations about how to complete an assignment. Being overwhelmed with various suggestions, some schoolers simply looking for so-called assignment help via the Internet.

Nevertheless, one should also make allowances for such important thing like the behavior of pupils and their relationships. Oftentimes, many Schools are tied up to the quality of learning and completely forget about the relations among children.

However, this is actually an utterly significant moment. It also plays an essential part in the life of pupils and has a direct influence on their academic performance. Unfortunately, there appear millions of reports about children cruelty and violence during the academic year. It happens in all countries around the globe. At times, measurements of the teachers, instructors, and officials are not enough.

So, what to undertake under such conditions?

Probably, the development of some new methods and programs might help.

At least, there is a strong belief of the teaching staff of Mackay School, North Queensland.

Mackay School highly values and praises the novel behavior Program, which gives positive changes and prevents violence and bullying at school. The program was approved for the course of the next 3 years and is very promising.

Prep teacher Lexie Wykamp said that this program greatly differs from other similar programs, which also aim at the reducing of violence amongst students.

This one does not put the punishment as the main priority. The main goal of this program is to teach the kids the tight things and explain what things are wrong.

The novel approach emphasizes attention on bad behavior and tries to make children think and behave in a positive concept. It excludes the negativism and aims at positive relationships.

Teacher librarian Margaret Spillman told that the novel program gave the students consistency in learning and they greatly progressed in comparison with the previous year. The teacher truly believes that such concept has a brilliant future. Quite soon, it would be used by other Australian schools and perhaps, in the rest of the world.

The children are equipped with the necessary tools, which would make them more responsible, cheerful, open-hearted and friendlier. They would be focused on respectable relations with their peers, as well as with the rest of society.

Everything begins from home

Therefore, the program also involves behavioral problems and possibilities to resolve them at home. The next essential step in everybody’s life is learning at school.

The program covers this period as well.

One of the main principles of the program is to connect home and school. Thus, it is targeted to make a school like the second household for the kids. It goes without saying, that such method would be very helpful for the parents and might sufficiently improve the relations between a kid and parents in many ways.

As you can see, this behavior program has multiple positive sides. It seems that it has all chances to succeed. The only thing that is left to do is to make the things right. The implementation of such serious method requires great caution from the officials.