According to Telegraph, there are hundreds of colleges and Universities that are known for their world-class education facilities. For international Students, some Institutes in England open admission to a variety of affordable graduate and post-graduate programs. The spark of these institutes is that numerous scholarships are made available for brilliant and deserving students. This year’s most affordable universities for international students in England are enlisted below.

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University needs no introduction.

It is one of the best and most famous universities of England. It is known to offer fast-track undergraduate courses. It means you can finish your studies in two years. Admission is granted on the basis of merit. This university offers specialized secondary teacher training programs too. Other than this, Staffordshire is famous for its BA (Hons) in Cartoon and Comic Arts. The estimated tuition fee is £6,433.

Teesside University

Teesside University welcomes applications from international students for a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Since 1992, this institute has a repute of offering best resources and research facilities. While studying at Teesside, you would be able to join the summer classes to expand your knowledge.

After finishing your studies, we recommend that you opt for on-the-job training programs and paid internships before starting a job. The university grants admissions to hundreds ofinternational students from over 100 countries including Canada, China, UK, Korea, India, and Japan. The estimated tuition fee is £6,470.

Leeds Trinity University

Until 1960, it used to be a Catholic teacher training college. In 2012, the institute became Leeds Trinity University. Since then, it is known to provide best and most outstandingstudy opportunities to international and local students.Leeds Trinity University has invested a lot in its computer and science laboratories.

It established multiple labs, and libraries within the campus. You can seek admission in fields like sports science, psychology, business administration, engineering, and linguistics, etc. It welcomes applications from students of Turkey, Australia, Germany, and other parts of the world. The tuition fee is about $6,955.