"Tree Book Tree" is a project that includes a hand-stitched and eco-friendly book that after read it can be planted in soil and it will grow up into a tree. The book is made from acid-free paper, silk-screened, ecologically-friendly ink and the pages also contain jacaranda seeds, that were carefully sewn into the pages to help it grow. Jacaranda is a tree that provides excellent shade and offers a lot of oxygen to the environment.

The advertising agency FCB Buenos Aires, Argentina, had teamed up with the children's book publishing company "Pequeño Editor" and created the "Tree Book Tree" project.

Designed and aimed to teach kids ages 8 to 12 where books come from, as well as teach them about replenishing resources and provide them with a hands-on way to return back to Nature what it took from it. Normally books come from trees and the project may end up teaching kids what a physical book is. After reading the book a young kid can water the cover and place it in a sunny area inside the house, when the seeds sprout the book can be planted in the soil in any place.

The picture book is called "Mi papá estuvo en la selva", meaning "My father was in the jungle". Was written and illustrated by Gusti and Anne Decis and is fittingly enough about the rainforest and as the aim to promote respect for all living things.

The book is about a boy that narrates the story of his father's exciting adventures in an Ecuadorian jungle. This tale was based on a real story and pretends to inspire readers to consider the massive destruction of natural habitats and preserving the life around them.

Is never enough to inform young people about the ecological impact of the books they read and to restart the cycle of growth.

As the campaign says: "Trees and children can grow together."

"Tree Book Tree" is a non-commercial one time project in order to make everyone aware of the resources used when producing something even as common as a book.

In Argentina, the picture books are displayed planted and germinating in store windows.